About Us

We are a family run business, growing soft natural loofah in Nelson, New Zealand.

Our company name is Toi Toi Innovations Ltd under the brand name The Loofah Patch where we offer botanical themed products for bath, body and home.

We have been growing loofah for the past seven years and selling online and at markets/fairs for three years. Over this time we have developed and tested our products to ensure they have good durability and are of a high standard. We have a good understanding of our customers and know what they like and why and are now offering our best sellers for wholesale.

My previous career as a Sales and Marketing Rep has been a huge asset so far and and hopefully I can continue to use this experience to support our wholesale customers by giving them as much info about the product and market insights as I can. Once signed up as a wholesaler you will have access to more information regarding market trends and why specific target markets love our products.

We are a member of the New Zealand Soap Makers Association (NZSMA)

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for reading.

Dianne Dunn

Owner / Manager

The Loofah Patch

Toi Toi Innovations Ltd

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