The Loofah Patch

Spelling: In New Zealand most people commonly associate with 'loofah' but there are many different spellings (loofa / lufa / luffa), with luffa being the botanical name.

Natural loofah are a type of gourd grown on a vine and are a member of the cucurbit family where they are grown for eating in many different countries. Many people think that they come from the ocean like sea sponges but they are grown on land and are 100% sustainable.

The loofah look similar to a marrow but at the end of the season we crack the skins open to reveal the loofah fibres inside. Loofah are very labour intensive and everything is done by hand. We choose to work with nature to create a happy balance in our growing methods and hope to be organically certified in the future.

We grow a variety that is known around the world for it's softness and excellent fibre strength, so we know we are offering our customers a quality product. If you would like to know more about the difference between our loofahs and the hard pumice type (chinese loofah) available in NZ you can read more on our retail site here: The Loofah Patch

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