Botanical Clay Body Rub

Botanical Clay Body Rub
  • Botanical Clay Body Rub
With fine oats, chamomile and calendula for silky smoothness.

What's a clay rub? It makes up to a beautifully soft clay combination paste with fine oats and soft chamomile and calendula petals that helps make the skin silky smooth. The petals are soft and non-scratchy and hold together well for a thick paste.

How to use: Add a dash of water to ceramic bowl with the clay rub to create a paste and lather on your skin

This body rub is suitable for mature skin and has been created with sensitive skin sufferers in mind, there are no essential oils added, there are also no salts in this blend.

  • Oats can be soothing and calm inflamed skin while providing a protective barrier against irritants*
  • Clay helps absorb dirt and toxins from the skin. It also adds a beautiful texture to the formula so that it glides on with ease.
  • Chamomile is well known as a calming herb for the skin and the mind. The flowers and leaves are soft and provide a beautiful scent to the rub.
  • Calendula petals are another must have for your skincare, they are soft and glide over the skin with ease.

100gm square glass jar in powder form

We grow our own botanicals specifically for each of our products and gaurantee that they are of the highest quality meaning you receive the full benefit of natures offering in scent, colour and potency for all of our products.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, NZ Glacial Clay, Fine Oats (ground), Chamomile flowers and leaves, Calendula Petals.

RRP: $16.00

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