Large Loofah Soap Pocket

Large Loofah Soap Pocket
Measures 14cm long and 10.5 cm wide - Soap opening is 7cm x 5cm.
100% compostable - made with natural loofah fibre and sewn with cotton.

Choose handle colour - Natural Jute or Blush Pink Cotton.
Fits nicely in hand for a good lather - has an opening at the top end to put soap or soap ends in, pull the rope back through to tighten and soap stays in snuggly.

The soap pocket will last for months if kept dry in between uses.

Our loofah have strong fibres with a loose weave  that makes them nice and soft, giving a gentle exfoliation that allows for a good lather to come through.

RRP is $17.00 without soap

*For retail we offer the option of adding a small Chamomile soap for an extra $1.00, we are happy to make these for you to include with the soap pocket, email us to discuss pricing.

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