Small Loofah Pocket - Soap Saver

Small Loofah Pocket - Soap Saver
Is there a better way to use up soap ends than a NZ grown loofah exfoliating soap pocket?
  • 100% compostable - made with natural loofah fibre and sewn with cotton.
  • Choose handle - Natural Rope or Dusky Pink Cotton.
  • Measures 10cm long and 7 cm wide
  • Fits nicely in hand for a good lather - has an opening at the top end to put soap ends in, pull the rope back through to tighten and soap stays in snuggly.
  • The soap pocket will last for months if kept dry in between uses.

Our loofah have strong fibres with a loose weave  that makes them nice and soft, giving a gentle exfoliation that allows for a good lather to come through.

Packaged with a carboard band and a jute handle that can be used for one hook hangsell.

RRP is $10.00

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