Natural Loofah | NZ Grown

Natural Loofah | NZ Grown
  • Natural Loofah | NZ Grown
A small loofah with a green cotton handle.

Each loofah is unique and is sightly different in shape and size. Most loofah's are the whole form but  some have been cut.

They have a green cotton handle so that every part is biodegradable.

You can choose between our eco style packaging which is suitable for organic or eco-friendly stores or our floral packaging which sit well within gift stores and the like.

Size is 12-15cm - There may be some loofah that are as large as 18-19cm, these will have a thiner top instead of being a chunkier piece. We will do our best to give you a uniform selection.

Please note: There is a limited supply of this product each year so it may become out of stock as we grow more.

Loofah Info:

These loofah are grown in Nelson, New Zealand. They are harvested and processed by hand.

RRP: $14.00

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