Wholesale Info/FAQ's

Who can purchase wholesale?

Wholesale is available to business customers only. Register your business through the website and we'll email you with access information within 48 hours.

What's the Minimum Order Quantity?

To start off as we have such a small selection of products available there is no MOQ. There will be a MOQ of $100 introduced for the next summer season as more products are added.

Why are only some items available for wholesale?

As loofah are seasonal we offer a range of products that can be confidently supplied throughout the whole year. As the size of The Loofah Patch grows so too will our product lines available for wholesale.

How do I order?

You are able to order online through this website and pay via internet banking with your invoice number and business name.

What makes this a premium product?

Our loofah are grown in Nelson, New Zealand. We have chosen to grow one of the softest varieties but they are also the strongest. We tell our customers that our loofah are at the plastic shower puff end of the scale than the likes of a pumice as some other varieties of loofah are - which makes them more skin friendly. We have no need to fumigate the loofah as they are not being imported and we use a water process to clean (not dunked in chemicals) to ensure we are offering the purest loofah possible. The fibres are strong and will last for months and months (if cared for correcltly) which means the customer gets good value for money.

What's the Packaging?

All of our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic free. When we create a new product we take into careful consideration the impact of the not only what the product will have on the environment but the packaging too. Product and packaging is biodegradable or home compostable, including the clear bags that the Glycerine soap are sold in (I have the data for their biodegradability and home compostability).

What's the benefits of using a natural loofah?

Gently exfoliating is great for the skin, it removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth, it also improves circulation. Exfoliating is suggested before a tanning session to ensure an even coverage and then later to remove old tanning solution. Apart from the fact that you step out of the shower/bath feeling sooo clean there are also skin loving benefits to using loofah.

What's the difference between NZ grown Loofah and other loofah available in NZ?

You may have seen the Spanish loofah that was available in NZ, our loofah is similar to those (although a different variety). They are completely different than the Chinese/Indian loofah that is currently available. Our loofah has a looser fibre weave which means the soap lathers up beautifully through it, they puff up and are soft and almost fluffy when wet. The comments we get when our market customers feel the softness is "Wow, I was not expecting them to be so soft". We liken our loofah to the softness of a plastic shower puff rather than a pumice type product.

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